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Personal Finance, Investing & Side Hustle Blog

Growing up, most people don’t get a useful education about personal finances, how to manage your money and especially how to earn a passive income. There’s more to money than going to a job, paying bills and praying there’s enough left over at the end of each month.

This blog is here to teach you real-world money tips that can help change your financial life no matter how much money you currently make. Everything you want to know and even things you didn’t know that you need to know about money and your personal finances including finding financial freedom by creating your own business and earning passive income from investments. All knowledge direct from someone who has lived it!





Picture of Ryan StevensonIn 2022, I’m 39 years old. I’ve been married for 18 years with three kids (one grown and out of the house already), and I’ve been an online business owner and creator full-time since 2009. I’ve already lived many of life’s financial situations – everything from being so broke I have to live on Ramen noodles to swimming in expendable income with six figures in annual earnings. Through all of those life experiences and the pursuit of knowledge along the way, I have picked up a lot of helpful financial information that can help others.

Why Me?

Anyone can offer financial advice, so why should you trust what I have to say? Everything on this website is based on my personal experience over 20+ years. I love learning new things and have experimented with more strategies and techniques than most people do in their entire lifetime. I started a family at a young age and raised three kids – most of the time being the sole financial provider and money manager. Completely by myself and sitting at my home computer, I’ve created three different online businesses that have generated six figure annual revenues. My knowledge doesn’t end there though… it even includes house buying, cryptocurrency investing, bitcoin mining, credit scores, stock market investing, budgeting and still much more.

My experiences and knowledge cover such a vast range of topics, you’ll often receive a unique perspective from me that you won’t hear elsewhere. Unfortunately it is not a simple or straightforward act to manage your personal finances because each person’s situation is different. I tend to think about financial situations from multiple positions and viewpoints to figure out what is best for me, and I can help pass along this knowledge to you to apply it to your own life.

On this website, you can expect to find information to help you manage your money, insights on building a good credit score, learn to wisely use investments to grow wealth, and even create your own business to help achieve financial freedom. No matter how much knowledge I provide here, there is still one key ingredient to your success that I cannot provide – YOU! If you don’t take my information seriously and dedicate yourself to apply it to your own life, then nothing can change. The real secret to success is taking action. Making mistakes is better than doing nothing at all.

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