WordPress Web Design Services

WordPress Web Design Services in Florida

WordPress can be used to built almost any kind of website. We’ve been working with this content management system since it was first released.

Our owner personally created more than 1000 WP websites, a dozen commercial WP plugins, and countless custom sub-themes over the years. We can tackle ANY project that you can dream!

We’re based in Florida, but we can also provide these services for businesses anywhere in the world.

Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help you build and grow your business. We can build sites to match your desired look, and we can even custom program plugins and themes to give your site any kind of functionality needed.

Most WordPress web designers will be limited to the features already available in the software, but our extensive experience allows us to create a system that is completely customized to your business.

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We Can Create Any Website You Can Imagine

More internet sites are created with WP than any other CMS. It is designed to be a user-friendly method to build a site without the need for technical knowledge. However, this also leads to the most frustrating scenario that people experience – WordPress, themes and/or plugins simply will not do exactly what you want. We know how to customize this system in any manner. Picture how you want your business website to look. SideBacon can create that image in reality.

Example Types of Sites We Can Build

Custom WordPress Solutions

Custom Themes

The easiest way to make your business stand out from your competitors is with a unique web page design that delivers a great user experience. SideBacon can create a custom-built WordPress theme or subtheme to give your site the exact design that you want. For those on a budget, we can customize the design of any open-source theme for you. If you want a 100% custom-built site, we can create your own WP theme from scratch to fit your exact needs.

Custom Plugins

A WP plugin adds extra features to your site. There are thousands of pre-built plugins, but it is quite common for those plugins to lack desired features. We can customize existing plugins or even build entirely new software for you to give your site any features or functionality. This allows for the creation of 100% custom functionality for your website so it can work exactly the way you want. In fact, we’ve created some extensive custom plugins and websites in this manner, and you’d never be able to tell they were even built with WordPress.