Create a Business Renting Baby Gear Like Cribs & Strollers

Online side hustles that you run from home can be tough for some people since it doesn’t involve much activity or getting out of the house. However, you can combine an internet business with one in the real-world by renting out baby equipment such as strollers or wood cribs. You’ll book reservations and find clients online, but then you deliver and set up the rentals in person in the real world to get exercise and interact with people.

Parents often like to travel light when they have an infant, so being able to rent larger items like a crib can be well worth the extra expense for them. Grandparents may have their grandkids over for a visit but don’t own the gear they need. In either situation, you can fulfill their needs and make money at the same time. This post will teach you how to utilize a website to help you create and run this side hustle.


You can create your own side hustle or full-time business renting baby gear to parents and grandparents on BabyQuip.

This is an interesting business because it doesn’t require you to own baby equipment like cribs or strollers when you first get started. However, if you do already own gear that is safe and clean, you can rent those items. When you join, you get a website listed with baby gear for rent. You can actually wait until you get an order for an item before you buy it yourself. This makes it much easier to get started without the need to buy upfront.

To get started on BabyQuip, it costs $200 to join. Overall, you should expect to spend more money than you make when you first start this business unless you happen to already own a lot of baby gear. As a result, you need to be serious about this side hustle to really give it a shot. On average, gear providers make about $600 per month on this site, but there are people making $5,000 or more each month too. It’s really going to depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into it and also the demand for rentals in your area.

Getting Started Tips

Vacation destinations are some of the best places to run this type of business. When parents travel, they don’t want to pack a ton of gear and especially a full-size crib. They’ll just rent these items at their destination. If you live in one of those destinations, you have the potential for higher earnings on this site.

The website that BabyQuip provides you has 40+ items already listed on it, but you’re not limited to using only those products. If you already own other equipment, make sure you add those to your site. You can also take this opportunity to see if you can find other products that you could lease to parents. The website will allow you to add products that you do not own yet. When you receive an order, you’ll get paid within two business days of the reservation being placed, so this gives you enough time to go out to a store or even order from Amazon.

The main concern that you should have getting started is whether you can afford to buy all of the items once you receive an order. Spread out over time, this likely won’t be an issue. However, if you get a large order right after you get started, you may need to spend thousands of dollars to fulfill an order that won’t pay you near as much. Over time, as you rent each product more than once, you’ll make a profit, so try to plan ahead of time to budget accordingly.

Long-Term Strategies

After you’re done this business for a while, you should get a sense of the demand for specific types of baby gear. Full-size wooden cribs that are quick to move and assemble are one of the most heavily demanded items, but you can discover others for your local area with some experience.

If you notice that you’re always sold out of specific items and can’t fulfill orders, consider buying more than one. Someone doing this business full-time may have the need for 5 or even 10 cribs if they are servicing enough clients.

You could also try to partner and meet up with other gear providers on BabyQuip. This is actually something that is encouraged by the website too. Even when the make the best of plans, you can still run into situations where you get orders for items you don’t own or perhaps you have such a large order that you’re not likely to be able to fulfill it on your own. Having another local provider that you can reach out to for help can be very useful in these situations. This is also helpful for the other person too, since you’ll be able to provide the same type of assistance when they need it.

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