You may have a limited amount of monthly income, but by managing your money with proper budgeting you can have money left over for savings, vacations, or simply to buy something for yourself. It’s possible to become wealthy while earning a relatively low income, just like you can stay completely broke and even in deep debt even with an annual income in the six or seven figures. How you manage the money you earn will determine your long-term financial success.

In my early adult years and even the first half of my marriage with kids, I was broke. My income was so low that I didn’t pay any federal income taxes and yet I received thousands back as a “refund” each year. When I finally started earning good money and made six figures a year for numerous years in a row, I squandered it. I built poor credit habits, spent every penny I earned, and didn’t even both to save any of it, especially for retirement.

I eventually learned the error of my ways and fixed all of my financial issues in about two years. For the first time ever, I had earned a great credit score and bought a house for my family. Investing and saving for retirement become important so my money could finally start working for me. Learning to manage my personal finances the right way helped to change the life of myself and my family. This blog has been created to pass this knowledge along to you so you can take control of your own financial future like I did.

Save More Money

There are many different ways you can potentially reduce your monthly expenses to free up more expendable income. Extra money each month that isn’t needed to pay bills or buy necessities can be saved. It’s easy to pay attention to the big expenses. However, you may actually be wasting more money with smaller daily expenditures.

If you are not already in the habit of saving money, you really need to start as soon as possible. Everyone needs an emergency fund or some type of extra cash cushion in their bank account to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. By avoiding any kind of late payments, you avoid paying extra fees on top of your normal bills.

You’ll also want to save for a variety of other purposes like paying for college, dream vacations, house down payment, retirement and more. When you can take control of your money, you’ll have the power to control your financial future to make a better life for yourself and for your family.

Make Better Financial Decisions

Life is full of major financial decisions. Without someone to help guide you through them, it can be really easy to make a mistake that can cause real-world consequences that can last for many years.

Getting married, having kids, buying a house, starting a business, and buying a car are all big life moments that can have huge financial benefits or disadvantages. These big decisions in life can often be made in a moment but can affect you for many years or even the rest of your life. Take the time to consider big financial moves and how it will affect your finances immediately and years from now.

When I finally turned around my finances, I became a sponge for knowledge and wanted to learn as much as I could about managing my money the best way possible. I spent many years learning by trial and error with some great successes and some equally horrible failures. Now I’m passing this knowledge along to you so you can avoid as many failures as possible and pave a path towards a successful financial future.

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