First-time investors will usually end up losing money, often to those with much more experience. If you stick with it, you can become much better over time. However, it can also end up costing you a lot to learn from those mistakes.

This investing blog was created to help beginners learn how to invest without suffering costly mistakes. It can also help more experienced investors continue to grow with new tips and strategies.

Increase Your Annual Income

While the average person may only invest through a 401k or IRA account for retirement, you can actually put your money to work for you while you’re still young to boost your annual revenue. Some people will invest as a side hustle to earn a supplemental income on top of their job salary, while others quit their jobs and completely live off of their investments.

Stocks, bonds, real estate and even cryptocurrency can all be successful investment strategies when they’re used responsibly. You could be a day trader that attempts to make money by booking daily profits. However, you could also build up a more stable passive income over time that comes with much less risk.

No matter what your financial goals may be, this blog can provide you with knowledge that can help you reach them faster. Patience is truly key with almost all investments, but you also need to use the right approach or else you could put yourself at a huge disadvantage immediately.

Japanese Candlestick Charts

Whether you trade stocks, cryptocurrency or even forex, you should have access to candlestick charts. They offer a really easy tool that you can use to quickly identify potential trading positions by matching a variety of bullish and bearish trend reversal candle patterns.

Personally, candlesticks are my favorite trading strategy to use with my own portfolios, which is why I created an extensive guidebook that will teach you how to identify and then how to trade these patterns.

Read my In-Depth Pattern Guide for Japanese Candlestick Charts

Retirement Fund Investing

One of the most important reasons why you should have some kind of brokerage account is to save for retirement. This could be a 401k account that receives automatic contributions from your paycheck and even matches from your employer, or it could be an IRA account that you’ve set up yourself.

Simply saving money over time will build up a nest-egg for you. However, you’ll be able to grow this fund much larger over time if you invest it. Average stock market returns over time can provide you with 12% growth each year. With the magic of compounding interest, you can turn a relatively modest amount of savings into a multi-million dollar retirement fund.

One potential goal for a retirement account is to generate enough passive income to live on and pay your monthly expenses once you retire. More risky and volatile choices like stocks or Bitcoin may work great for someone in their 20s, 30s or 40s. When you’re in your 60s and close to retirement age though, you won’t want a risky portfolio. At that point, you can consider downgrading your investment risk by simply trading in stocks for things like Treasury bonds and REITs that can provide you with a regular payment from interest without the need to withdraw from your assets.

No matter what your financial and investing goals may be, this site can help you expand your knowledge to make better choices with your own portfolio. You’ll even be able to learn more about business and major industry news that can affect your trading strategies from year to year.

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