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Looking for a Naples SEO company in Florida? Our experts have 27+ years of experience with search engine optimization, and they live in the local area so they can provide effective marketing strategies. SideBacon offers Naples SEO services to help your small business get discovered and grow.

Collier County is the largest land area county in the state of Florida with almost 2,000 square miles. Despite that fact, it is only ranked 18th in the state based on population, so the population density is low. All other counties in Florida with a lower population density have less people than Collier. This is important information to business owners in the region.

With a low population density, search engine optimization becomes crucial. A company in this county is less likely to have road or foot traffic passing by. You need to make sure people can easily find your business online to bring a consistent flow of customers to your door.

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Naples SEO Services

SideBacon has employees that currently or used to live in Collier County, FL, so we know the area in detail. This offers you a major advantage against your competition because we are able to build more effective SEO content using a powerful organic targeting strategy that is tailored just for your business. Keep reading too see how this expert knowledge can benefit your company.

Naples | North Naples

The city limits of Naples in Florida occupies a rather small area. However, a larger region outside of the city generally still gets referred to as Naples and even has a Naples, FL mailing address. Fifth Avenue is the most famous shopping district here, but there are also a fair number of other commercial areas sprinkled around the city. In general, residents here do not have to travel very far and some may even shop on foot instead of driving a car. There are a lot of outside visitors, snowbirds, and even tourists that come here on a regular basis, so it is worthwhile to target these customers with SEO.

Immokalee | Ave Maria

The area around Immokalee is mostly a farming community. However, the town also receives a lot of outside visitors to the Seminole Casino. This presents multiple opportunities to attract these visitors to your location if they will already be traveling to the area. There is also a need to market to residents that live in Immokalee and Ave Maria because there are not an abundant number of business options here, so they will often travel elsewhere in the county or even to Fort Myers to shop.

Golden Gate Estates | Orangetree

The Golden Gate Estates area that includes Orangetree wasn’t properly planned as a city, so there is a massive shortfall of business services and retail companies here. Many of the ones that are located here will be serviced based companies, some of which will be operated out of the owner’s home. In this type of situation, it is very important to have exposure for your company on Google in other parts of Collier and even Lee county. With top search positions for local keywords, you’ll be able to gain enough customer leads to keep your work schedule packed.

Vineyards | Lely | Golden Gate

A decent portion of this area, especially Vineyards, is loaded with a lot of residential but not a lot of commercial zoning. A lot of residents here will need to travel outside of their immediate area for different shopping and service options. Our owner used to live in Vineyards. Besides going to the grocery store, it was almost always necessary to travel west to Airport-Pulling Road for the vast majority of other retail stores.

This drastic separation of residential and commercial zoning is quite common in many areas of Collier County unfortunately. It makes it more difficult for residents that live there, but this can also be a potential opportunity to companies that operate here. For example, many people in the Vineyards area have a high income and generally have to drive far from home to get most goods that aren’t basic necessities, so they can be a prime target for certain types of businesses.

Marco Island | Goodland

Tourists and boaters flock to Marco Island, especially during holidays, our Winter season, and weekends. Nearby Goodland to the east has a popular boat ramp. Optimizing a website and Google Business Profile is extremely important here since there are likely not enough local residents to sustain certain types of businesses. Since this area is fairly small with high land costs, you won’t find all types of companies locally. Residents here will often need to travel to get the things they want and need.

Everglades City | Chokoloskee

These areas are in the far South of the county and are most commonly visited by boaters and even tourists wanting to take air boat rides in the Everglades. We consider it more of a specialty market that may only be the right fit for certain types of companies. However, there can still be a need to market to people that live here since they will often need to travel elsewhere to shop and even for many basic services.

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Website rankings on search engines such as Google or Bing can be a vital part of any company in Naples or elsewhere in the county. However, it is very important to choose the right expert to provide these services. We have helped others that previously picked the wrong company, and some of them took years to recover from their poor efforts. Spam content, over-aggressive keyword optimization, and even

When it is done right, search engine optimization can deliver free organic traffic that is highly targeted. When it is done wrong, your website and business can disappear from Google making it near impossible to find you. Other companies don’t even talk about this fact, but it is important to understand so you can choose a company that will do the work the right way.

While we cannot guarantee #1 search positions on all keywords we target for your website (be very wary of any company that does), we guarantee that our efforts to optimize will result in higher positions and more organic traffic. The longer we can work on your website, the more we can improve these rankings.

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