15 Essential Skills for Successful Internet Marketers

Anyone running an online business needs a variety of skills. I’ve identified 15 of these essential skills that I have found to be needed to be successful as an internet marketer.

Some of these abilities are needed to create the business itself, while some of the knowledge is used to bring traffic and sales.

It is possible to outsource some of this work. However, the more you are able to do on your own, the less you’ll spend and the more you’ll make in monthly profits.

How many of these skills do you have? Use this list to figure out where you need to focus your future training and education as a marketer.

1. SEO

Without SEO, you’ll work harder to produce the same results.

By optimizing content for search engines, you get free traffic.

Paying for that same traffic can cost thousands or even millions.


  • Website Articles
  • Website Structure
  • Social Profiles
  • Social Content
  • Titles & Headlines

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2. Sales

The highest earning marketing strategies require sales.

  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Digital Products
  • E-Commerce Goods
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you can’t sell, you’ll fail at these online businesses.

When your sales performance is poor, you lose income.

3. Graphics

The ability to create your own professional, high-quality graphics is a game-changer.

You could easily pay someone else hundreds or thousands every month to do this work for you.

Graphics are needed for great results with..

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Customer Engagement
  • Digital Products

4. WordPress

The #1 method in the world to build websites is with WordPress.

You have a priceless skill when you can use WordPress to create any kind of website.

Just a sample of what you can do with WordPress..

  • Newsletter Signup
  • E-Commerce
  • Blogs
  • Service Sales
  • Digital Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Membership Sites
  • Community Sites


WordPress users are often limited by software features.

With HTML & CSS skills, you can remove most of those limits.

This freedom to design lets you..

  • Customize WordPress themes
  • Make appealing websites
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Focus reader attention
  • Design for SEO

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6. Web Design

By combining multiple skills you will be able to customize the look of any website to fit your needs.

One or more of these can drastically change your design:

  • WordPress Themes
  • Website Graphics
  • CSS & HTML Design

7. Networking

Marketers are more successful when they’re not alone.

Teaming up with other industry professionals is a must.

Just a handful of the benefits of networking..

  • Partnerships
  • Social Engagement
  • Leveraged Customers
  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Audience Building

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8. Copywriting

Two marketers write the same types of content.

They both build a similar product to sell to customers.

One of them sells using logic and product features.

The other sells using psychology and copywriting.

The marketer using copywriting strategies will always win.

9. Social Media

Without social media, you’re leaving money on the table.

There are many social networks. The trick is to focus on those that work best for your niche.

Social can deliver these to your business..

  • Audience Leads
  • Paying Customers
  • Website Traffic
  • Networking
  • Reputation Building

10. Video Creation

Making your own videos is not 100% necessary but still worth the effort.

Video will simply make any online business more effective and successful.

Video is really useful for..

  • YouTube / TikTok Content
  • Advertisements
  • Video Sales Page
  • Digital Training Courses
  • Website Content

11. Ebook Creation

An oldie but still very effective today in 2022.

Creating your own PDF eBooks gives you new methods to generate leads and sell products.

Effective Uses of eBooks

  • Free Newsletter Bonus
  • Affiliate Bonus
  • Digital Product Courses

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12. Article Writing

A marketer that can write engaging articles will always outperform those that can’t.

With amazing content your website can..

  • Gain Search Traffic
  • Build Audience Trust
  • Capture Customer Leads
  • Sell Products & Services
  • Entice Backlinks

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13. Customer Service

A company that can provide great customer service is quite rare these days.

People notice the effort and respond to it.

Set yourself apart from your competition by engaging with your customers before and after the sale.

14. Email Newsletters

Every online business should run an email newsletter.

You need to combine almost all of your other skills here.

For example, a profitable email marketing campaign could involve..

  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Article Writing
  • Customer Service
  • eBooks & Video
  • WordPress
  • HTML & CSS
  • Sales

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15. Continued Education

There is always something new to learn as a marketer.

An expert that stops learning won’t be an expert much longer.

I teach others marketing, and I still devote time to learn new things every day.

Education Not Necessary = Guaranteed Long-Term Failure

Your continued education starts here..

I teach all 15 skills and more on this side hustle blog.

The 15th essential skill for internet marketers, Continued Education, never ends.

I’ll do the hard work to ensure you stay up-to-date with new marketing strategies and trends.

Soak up my 27+ years of marketing experience here:

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